1. I’m 5’11
  2. My arms & legs are about 2 inches longer than “normal” so it’s hard to find pants & jackets to not look like they shrunk
  3. Thank the GSD for Gap’s Long & Lean jeans
  4. I weigh 20-30 pounds less now than I did in high school
  5. The late 80s & early 90s were not kind to me
  6. I grew up in the military
  7. My dad was an Air Force Master Sargent until I was 13
  8. I do have found memories of that, we lived in CA, UT, & AZ.
  9. My liberal buddies find it hard to believe.
  10. Since July of ’06 I’ve been with a lovely & amazing guy I call CoffeeBoy on here
  11. We were both single for years before meeting each other.
  12. It was worth it.
  13. I have a younger sister who I love most of the time.
  14. She seems older because she’s married with 4 kids.
  15. I went to Thurston High School in Springfield OR.
  16. Yes, that one.
  17. My sister & I had been out of school for a few years before that happened though.
  18. I was a quiet, fat nerd who died her hair & wore black a lot.
  19. Needless to say, I had few friends.
  20. I’ve only worked for 4 companies since I was 16.
  21. Pretty much because I’m too lazy to look for another job.
  22. I do love my current job where I run a cafe
  23. It is unfortunately for a big unnamed coffee company
  24. No, not that one, but close enough
  25. Funny enough, the CoffeeBoy also owns a coffeehouse so we are competitors in a way.
  26. I used to be a goth
  27. No, really.
  28. I grew out of the clothes & the make up but I held on to the music.
  29. I used to have another “blog” over 10 years ago.
  30. It’s still up, for the most part but it’s really dumb.
  31. I learned to knit in 2001, after my father died
  32. I don’t know what I did before that.
  33. I am never good at just sitting still.
  34. I don’t own a working computer, which annoys me Not anymore! I own a nice lil’ laptop!
  35. My friends call me a food nazi
  36. I do hate a lot of foods, including mushrooms, doughnuts, olives, pickles, bananas, & green beans.
  37. The doughnuts part is what gets me the most comments.
  38. I can honestly say I have all genres of music in my collection – from the Ramones to Glenn Gould, Coltrane to Ministry, Allison Krauss to Control Machete (Mexican rap), Sigor Ros to Sinatra.
  39. I’m terrible with money.
  40. When I see something, I must have it now.
  41. I’ve tried internet dating.
  42. Unfortuantly the one guy I though was decent ended up dumping me via email.
  43. I’m glad I don’t deal with that any longer.
  44. I do have profiles up on MySpace & Friendster.
  45. I don’t know why I chose babbling brook as my blog name.
  46. When I started this blog in July 2003, it was not my intention of doing a knitting blog.
  47. So I never updated it until Sept 05
  48. I’ve had some variation of battygrrrl as my online name since the beginning of the internet.
  49. I wrote my first story when I was 6.
  50. I was suppose to be taking a nap.
  51. It’s a direct ripoff of the Bremerton Town Musicians
  52. I write a lot but never finish anything
  53. I had an interview with a goth band published in a semi popular magazine.
  54. Neither are around anymore.
  55. My two best friends are gay men.
  56. Unfortunately one lives in Seattle, one lives in New York
  57. We get together at least once a year
  58. Past places have been Las Vegas, Vancouver BC, & New York City.
  59. My small town relatives think I’m gay too because I wasn’t married or with child in high school.
  60. I made out with a girl in a bar but it just made me realize I’m straight.
  61. I like do to wear my Ani Difranco shirt at the few family gettogethers I attend.
  62. I was molested when I was 7 by an older child.
  63. I didn’t realize it until 14 years later when I was with my first serious boyfriend.
  64. I worked through it on my own but lost the boyfriend in the process.
  65. I still regret that.
  66. I had 120 stitches in the side of my head.
  67. I passed out in the shower because I was very sick.
  68. I hit the side of my head on the top of the toilet tank & broke the lid.
  69. I apparently have a very hard head.
  70. I went through a very bad period the year my dad died where I drank & did drugs all the time.
  71. My boyfriend at the time was did not help because that’s all he did.
  72. I still miss my dad a lot.
  73. But I don’t really drink all that much anymore & rarely, if ever, take drugs.
  74. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
  75. I’ve gotten marriage proposals from gay men because of it.
  76. I like to wear heels even though it makes me 6ft +
  77. Not stilettos though
  78. I dislike most sci-fi.
  79. Yes that definitely includes Star Trek.
  80. I like Star Wars okay.
  81. I listen to a lot of audio books because I knit & love to read.
  82. I’m partial to British readers.
  83. The best concert I’ve seen is probably Sisters Of Mercy in San Fransisco.
  84. Probably because the singer sang a song to me (“Do I Dream”).
  85. I was crushed up in the front row but it was worth it.
  86. The first band I loved was Duran Duran.
  87. I was Simon’s girl.
  88. I was really obsessed with talking animals when I was young.
  89. I would walk to school and imagine conversations with all the animals I passed.
  90. I think I spent too much time in my own dreamworld.
  91. I still do, come to think of it.
  92. I have never broken a bone in my body.
  93. My favourite book when I was younger was Bunicula.
  94. It still is one of my favourties, I have a poster of it.
  95. Sam Goody is Satan’s company.
  96. I worked there for 5+ years.
  97. I’ve had the same car for 15 years.
  98. I’ve put almost 200,000 miles on it.
  99. I’ve only been out of the country to Canada & Mexico.
  100. My biggest goal is to go to Europe sometime in the next 2 years.

I reserve the right to change this anytime I damn well please.