That’s how you use the computers at the library.

I’m so sick of using the library computers, I cannot wait until I have my own. And I hopefully will in a few short weeks. I’ve been spending my time here at the library to do my taxes and with the (very small) return, I’m buying a laptop. Or, rather, my very kind cousin offered to & I’ll pay him back installments. Yah for kind cousins! He has a business so he gets a discount so I’m pleased. I still will have to go elsewhere since I won’t have an internet connection in the apt but at least it’s not here & I can have more than an hour.

I’ve also spent most of the time here on the 100 things post. I realize I really need to proofread things before I post them since I made several errors. Oh well, it was kinda fun to do.

So my cure for the boredom in my last post is to start something new, the One Skein Wonder with sleeves I’ve been wanting to do. I’m using Leaf from KnitPicks & I’m finished with the back & working on one sleeve. I’m also trying to do the Leaf pattern from Loop d Loop on it, to go with the whole “leaf” pattern. The one on the back pretty much looks like I screwed up stitches on it. I have higher hopes for the sleeves. I still haven’t forgotten about Picovoli, just taking a pause on it for the moment. I need some instant gratification.

Okay, time to update the ol’ template & myspace place before I’m kicked out of here.