So for the first time in weeks, I awoke this morning in a great mood. I’ve been very depressed in the past few weeks, probably because I was sick & broke & just blah. The rain hasn’t helped any, it’s been raining for a month straight, cold, gray days. Not unusual for the NW in winter but still. I can’t explain the good mood, I’m still slightly sick & very broke and the weather isn’t any different. And it’s Friday the 13th!

Maybe it’s my nice & clean apt! I worked on it for like 5 hours yesterday morning because I was getting a visit from my mom & my aunt & cousin from CA. I didn’t want them to see how slovenly I acutally do live. So here’s a photo of my apt! I was in a photo taking mood this morning, as the rest of this post will show. And hopefully this will be proof that I can keep it clean & will. And yes, those are books all over the place. This photo doesn’t even show the stacks & stacks I have to the left. Oh, and that object is actually my cat’s toy, she gets very upset when they are all neatly in her basket & must immediatly drag them all out again as soon as I put them there. Oh well. I had a lovely visit with the family, we went to my cafe, then lunch & did some shopping. That pink object on the right was this gorgeous cami I found at the Rack for less that $5. Found a sexy little tank green top that I’m wearning now for the same price. I’m not a shopping fiend by any means but I was excited about my finds.

So now some knitting talk. I’ve been working happily on the Picovoli for the Sexy Knitter Club KAL. My crappy camera does not do it justice, believe me. It’s purty. I finished the yoke & I just seperated the sleeves. I’ve never knitted such a big object on such small needles, so it’s just the challenge I needed.

Next up is the poor maligned Fresco project. This yarn has been started as several items, most recently the Shrug That Is Runing My Life. Now it has been started as Stef’s Minisweater but I had a brainstorm yesterday & I’m still going to follow Stef’s pattern but making some modifications so it’ll be a deep vneck sweater instead since I have so much of this yarn. Man, this pattern defininity inspires people to modify it since I know Cosmicpluto used it for her gorgeous Cardi. Anyway, I still have to work out some issues but I’m excited to work on it now.

And, because it is me, I started another projects. I need something I can carry around since I don’t like hauling around all these sweaters. My mom had made me this gorgous recycled silk bag last year but I only finally got it back (my mom had to repair it because I have a bad tendency to stuff as much as I can into a bag & tear it) yesterday. She had given me another hank of the recycled silk awhile ago & I decided to make a heavy scarf with it. It’s kinda a pain to work with but it does look lovely knitted up.

And finally, poor *M*’s scarf I’ve left to the side of the road, so to speak. There’s no reason for it, I actually really do like what I’ve done so far. And I adore *M* & it’s not a difficult pattern (just seed stitch striped with a star at each end). So I have no explaination of why I’ve been working on this for at least 4 months. Knitting ADD I supose. Well, to be honest, I was working on the family’s presents & then I wanted to be selfish & make some things for myself for awhile. Okay, I promise to finish this by the month’s end.

And just one more photo. My goreous Tubey.

Still not a photo wearing it, I actually meant to take a photo yesterday since I wore it to show it off to my family but I forgot. I actually want to fix the too wide neckline & the tight cast of before I wear it again. And then I will take a photo!

On a more somber note, please send lots of love & healing thoughts to the beautiful Wry Punster. I was very upset when I read what happened. It’s funny a thing, blogs. I feel as though I know all these people who’s blogs I read when of course I don’t really. (I guess that’s how crazy stalkers feel too – I mean crazy stalkers who harm people they “know”) and when something horrible happens to someone as funny & lovely as Elspeth, I get as upset as if it happened to a friend I see on a daily basis.

And that got me thinking about my reasons why I have this blog, it’s almost therapy in a way for me. It gives me a space to write that other people may or may not read, which helps me write better. I’ve begun to enjoy it more than writing in my diary for that reason. Obviously I don’t write about everything, but it gives me space to write about knitting instead of boring the pants off my friends. I’ve had this blog for years, but it wasn’t until I discovered how much I need a space to write about knitting instead of silly trivial things, that I began to post on a regular basis. And I love to post on here, I don’t care that I’m not as witty & observent as GrrLeigh or Wendy or Gina or as a talented knitter as Stef or Grumperina but it doesn’t matter to me (I am not begging for compliments or anything, just observing.). It’s my very own space & I love it. And I’m thankful for anyone who enjoys this space enough to come back.

Okay, rambling over. Have a wonderful weekend, my beautiful unseen friends.