…but the year is starting off that way.

Sorry, I’m in a foul mood. It’s just stupid work stuff but it irritates me to deal with it. Ugh.

So let us think on happier thoughts like…knitting!

Tubey is going very well! (don’t you love that pose?) My stupid phone kinda washes out colours but it’s so purty. I’m so very excited to finish but I’m nervous about the stitches that were picked up along the shrug edge – I mean I think it’ll look okay I think but it seemed a little bunched like I didn’t pick up enough. Anyway…I’m following the striping pretty much the way the pattern calls but that’s going to change – I’m allowing myself to buy 1 more ball (black) before the yarn starvation starts. So I’ll be fudging with it so I don’t run out of one ball of colour.

I went to Powerflex last night, finally after 2 months! It was great, I’m so very glad I did. I lifted light since it’s been awhile. I’m still pretty sore so I skipped the workout today (bad Stacey). I’m trying to see if I want to go tomorrow night too, usually twice a week kills me & the instructor on Thursday is much tougher. We’ll see. I took my measurements yesterday & they weren’t too bad, but I know I’ve gained some weight (or loss some muscle). I wish I had an accurate scale because the one at the gym is always wrong so I don’t know if I should be happy with what it showed me yesterday. Ah well. gina over at It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time is starting a group so maybe that will keep me motivated. I think that’s my biggest problem right now.

Still haven’t got my KnitPicks order – I didn’t really expect it too, but I can’t wait to get it. I think I might make the boobholder with the Andean Silk. Of course I might have to buy another some yarn for the border…