Of course now that the weather has calmed down, (as in it was like 50 degrees today) I finished my own BiL hat. I had started it for the Stitch n’Bitch last week since I didn’t want to drag my cardi down to the coffee shop & just used my random assortment of Brown Sheep Worsted. It’s super warm & very bright. Oh well, at least I have a new hat to show off.

I also started Tubey! I treked down to Lint to buy some Cashmerino with my last bit of money only to discover they only had 3 balls of the black. Sad. I bought them anyway & I’m hoping that either I have enough to finish the shrug part or they get the same colour lot in. I almost bought the RYC Cashsoft Aran instead but it was more. I did end up getting a light green colour of it for the Tubey. I also got this Burnt Orange Cashmerino so I just need to figure out 2 more colours to use. (I have a slate grey colour leftover from the OSW). I’m about 10 inches in on the back of the shrug & lord, do I love working with this yarn.. This better be the best damn sweater I ever made because I’ll be spending more money on it than anything else I’ve made.

Otherwise pretty crappy busy day. Why do people blame me if they can’t think of the book they want for a gift or that we’re out of it. It’s the blooming week of Christmas! Please, who ever reads this, please be kind to your retail salesclerks & baristas.