Just a quick note…the cardi is almost done! Soooo close it’s frustrating to even stop. I have about 8 inches of one sleeve & the other sleeve to do for my long gorilla arms. I’m going to try to finish it by Saturday so I can wear it to work. I have been trying it on as I go, for once & it’s fitting perfect, though I need to probably block the edge because it’s a little wonky & curling under.

The knit group was fun, although I don’t feel like I’m the best to show how to knit – like I said earlier I taught myself & I think it’s just something that you try for awhile before the “A-HA! I understand it!” comes about. And it really wasn’t until this year & reading LOTS of knitting blogs for advice that I became a pretty decent knitter. Probably discover that circular needles are the best invention ever helped with that. I decided I hate straight needles now. Which is too bad because I have a billion due to an auction on ebay!

Ugh I have some sniffly cold – I have been sneezing or having that feeling I’m going to sneeze (which is worse) for days now. I have been taking my Emergn-C stuff everyday so I’m fighting it but I hate this damn tickle in my nose.

Just checked out Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics – it actually came into the library fairly quickly. The first one was the first knitting book I ever bought & while I do like a lot of it, most of the things I’ve made (such as the “Huge…but Sexy“) using their patterns have been disasters. Of course it was all completly my fault but then I discovered Stitch n’ Bitch & knitting sweaters in one piece and kinda gave up on the Yarn Girls. But I am excited to read a new knitting book – Loop D Loop was the last excellent one I’ve discovered. I guess I’m one of those hipster knitters because every other knitting book seems to have fug patterns.

More later…