So it’s probably pretty obvious (for fans anyway) that I just saw Rent. I am such a huge fan of the musical & it’s amazing I went this long without seeing it. It’s really well done & I love that they kept the original Broadway case (Oh Jesse L., please run away with me. I’m sorry I don’t watch your TV show that often) Roger really bugged me, but I’m pretty sure he bugged me when I saw it. Everytime they showed him, all I could do was stare at his hair. It was awful. And there are tons of things I could pick apart (they cut most of “Halloween”! They cut “It’s Starting to Snow” Why are they not singing this?) but overall, I loved it. And yes, I’m such a wimp, I cried AGAIN when Angel died. I think I cry even when I listen to the cd (It’s all Jesse L’s fault, god that man has an amazing voice)

And then, guess what song popped up on my mp3 disc when I left the theatre? “Tomorrow, Wendy”, probably then only sad song out of 400 on this particular disc. Pretty appropriate.

Anyway, it’s been a lovely relaxing weekend for me, my first full days not having to leave the apt for the stupid bathroom contruction or going out of town to visit my mom. I’m taking full advantage of it! I worked on my Cardi, as you can see. I’m pretty excited about it, although I really should be finishing the BiL’s gifts. But I figure they will take no time at all & I really want to finish the Cardi. I love this pattern! Even though the long rows get tiring after awhile (I think it was a big mistake to work on this durring Rent, I hope I didn’t screw it up too much.), I love to work with this yarn – I’m using Cotton Fleece in this color (it looks almost blue in the photo but it’s a grayish-green-blue) and it’s going to be so lovely. I hope to have it done in the next few days – I have most of the body done & then I’ve got the sleeves. I want to wear it!

And I have my next project planned out. I am so in love with Tubey in the new issue of Knitty. It is the perfect project for me. It’s made with my favourite yarn to knit with (Cashmerino), there is no seeming (after making Cathode & working on the Cardi, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to knitting a swearter in pieces), and it’s a fitted, ribbed, stripy thing. Perfect! Plus best of all, I don’t have to buy all the yarn at once – the top is made first with just black & until I start on the strips, I won’t have to worry dye lots & buying 10 hanks (which is about $70). Can’t wait! I have a coupon for Lint (used one yesterday to buy the Twilight for Cardi) so I’ll be getting the black in the next week or so. Yah!

I’m going to conviently ignore the list to the right of the items I’m planning. They can wait. Tubey is next! It’s weird to see that as the name of a swearter, it’s also the name of the mascot of TelevisionWithoutPity. (who adorns a hat & my messenger bag). Funny.

Speaking of bags, I had to share. That photo was taken for another reason – my new bag! And it’s a Kate Spade! Now I’m not a fashionista by any means – the only things I own by a designer I bought at Value Village or the Goodwill (I live near the West Hills, the rich-y area & all the cast offs go to my local Goodwill). I actually found the bag at work & put it in the lost & found. It was empty so either a) some very rich lady bought herself a new bag & decided just to castoff the Kate Spade or b)(more likely), it was snatched & dumped. There was no way to contact anyoen about it & after a month in the L&F, I decided to keep it for myself. I would have taken it even if it wasn’t Kate Spade because I need a new bag that’l fit all the crap I carry around.

All right that’s all I have time for for now.