So much for my relaxing weekend at mom’s.

My grandma is staying here as well. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my grandmother. But my mother gets annoyed at her when she stays here (I’m not quite sure why, although she was talking durring Lost, which got very old. She’s one of those people who keeps asking questions because she’s seen a few episode but which the answers would take too long to explain. “They found a ‘house’ [the hatch]?” was an amusing one). Also, I never get to spend time with my mom on her own. And, for a very selfish reason, I get stuck on the very small (I’m almost 6 ft tall), very uncomfortable hidabed instead of a real bed when she’s here.

But in the non selfish, very sad news, one of my grandmother’s sisters is extremly ill. They are not giving her long, she’s in the hospital. Now, I’m not close to her at all (I don’t hate her or anything but I was always uncomfortable around her because she’s one of the family members who thinks I’m a weirdo & a lesbian because I) am not married, & b) have a eyebrow piecrcing & c) have a college education & live in the city) but my mother was very close to her when they were younger. She seems to be dealing okay with it, but it’s a bit of a flashback to four years ago when my father was dying. I am really upset for her.

So not a real barrel of laughs for my weekend.

However, my mom still insists on taking me to see the new Harry Potter movie. Now I’m a huge fan of the books but the movies have always irritated me to no end (although the third one was quite good). I would rather just read them or listen to the audio books. But she’s crazy about them & she really wants to see it with me since she & my sister saw it the day after Thanksgiving. They are my mother’s comfort movies (that & the Lord of the Rings films) so I suport that. I’m also burning the audio book fo the the 5th book while I’m here, along with several for myself (mostly Jasper Fforde books).

And I’m getting some projects finished. I felted my sister’s Fuzzy Feet & I’m not ecstatic about them.

One is slightly bigger than the other. Sigh. I’m trying to stretch out the left one so they don’t look so ridiculous. Using my feet as a model probably isn’t best idea since I’m a size larger than her but I want to make sure she can get them on.

My neices fared better

Of course I don’t have any kind of model for them so I hope they are the right size. They are pretty cute & they match the pjs & robe my mom is making for her.

And I did complete my Poptarts this week – yah no more cold fingers:

You can see the beautiful Noro colours better in this photo as well. The Pops are out of Brown Sheep Worsted and boy, do they keep my hands very warm. (Plus they are a bright blue, which I love) I put in button holes but I don’t think the buttons are neccessary (nor are they in very good spots). You don’t really notice the holes so that’s all right.

I started the BIL’s wool hat out of Brown Sheep worsted in red & black. It’s coming along quite nicely. I started it on the train yesterday. (and in a side note, perhaps I should wear a skirt everytime I ride the train, I got hit on by 3 different guys, unfortunatly not anyone I found attractive. Least of all the old guy who sat near me & stared at my legs for half of the trip before I moved. And the skirt was not that short & I had thick black tights on. It was, however, plaid, so maybe he likes the Catholic Schoolgirl Look.). I like knitting on the train, I listen to an audio book & just knit the trip away. What I don’t like about taking the train is that I can’t take my cat so I worry about her, especially with the bathroom ordeal & people running in & out of my apt. I’m trying to stay calm

Okay, I’m going to try to update my complted projects pages since I can only do that here. I will probably post again tonight.