Still no bathroom.

I did, however, have a working toilet in my bathroom for the weekend so at least I had that. (I believe that I told eveyone at the Orphan’s Thanksgiving about it. I may have also been very drunk). They are planning on working on it all week. But it better be finished by Saturday, as there are people moving into the studio I’ve been using for a shower each day.

Argh, what a week. I’ve been so exhausted I couldn’t even muster the energy to post! I’m looking forward to having a day off that is not Thanksgiving. I swear I’m going mad. Retail y’all, is not fun & game on Thanksgiving weekend. I know lots of non-retail employees love the day after, the bargins & whatnot, but damn. We had the saddest parade in the world go by my cafe, which I was counting on lots of sales from but sadly, I live in Portland, land of the rain, and of course it did rain. So not quite the sales bonanza I wanted but enough for me to brag about. My little baristas were running their hearts out (as was I) and everyone seemed pretty happy.

But, of course, it was quite exhausting to repeat it the next day. I decided for some reason to wear my contacts that day (dumb idea, they are so old they were practiacally dust), probably because I would be working with LSHG & I was feeling crappy & wanted to at least feel pretty. No. No. No. Felt ill all day. I do really need to get more contacts, but I have much more things to do before then.

Even my knitting has fallen off – I have nearly finished my sister’s Fuzzy Feet (had to make a run to Lint to get more Brown Sheep) and I finished one Pop of my PopTart mittens. And yes, I wore just one Pop because it’s so freaking cold (for Oregon, I hasten to add) even though I’m sure I looked even more like a dork. At least one hand is toasty. But that’s about it, I guess I was half ass working on my own Fuzzy Feet but I’m not going to finish it by Wednesday (when I go see my mom & my mom’s washing machine) so I’m setting that aside.

Well, I’ll be posting I much better looking post on Wednesday & Thursday, as I will be at mom’s. Maybe I can even update those dumb AOL pages! Ciao.