So this has been a crappy week. In addition to working 6 days this week, training some lunkhead, & dealing with the insane people that are populating downtown Portland these days, I got a call from my landlord yesterday. I was completly panicked – was there a fire? (my biggest fear) a flood? Am I getting evicted for some reason? Is my cat okay? – so I called her back immediatly. Seems like there is a cracked pipe right underneath my bathroom that connects the toilet & the bathtub or something like that. In any case, when I arrived home, my bathroom had been completly torn up. (And people just had to be in the apt the day before I planned a huge cleaning job – I had dirty clothes & junk all over the place). Come to find out I will be with out a bathroom for at least a few days. Not to mention they had to be in the apartment all day today, tearing up the concrete (early I might add). And of course it’s MY ONE DAY OFF THIS WEEK. So much for sleeping in, cleaning, watching dvds of House that I was saving for today, knitting & generally enjoying a day to myself. I had to get up earlier than I do for work & leave the apt. Sigh. My landlord is letting me use an empty apt 2 flights up for the toilet but no place to shower. And she negelected to tell me that there would be people in there durring the day repairing something so when I went up there this morning before I left, there was all sorts of people running around. I ended up going to Freds. Grrrr. Thank the gsd that I have a gym membership so I have a place to take a shower instead of bugging my landlord or my coworker who lives down the hall.

Also happening this week was one of my baristas decided to go on a 10 minute break & never come back or tell anyone what was going on. Now this is a barista who has been working in my cafe since January & has never done anything like this. She has not returned any calls. One of the other baristas contacted via email but she just told him she “had things to do”. So after training the lunkhead & had to spend the rest of the day trying to work out a schedule in case she decides to never come back. And while I have two baristas on vacation & the rest of us are already close to 40 hours. Yep, it’s been a fantastic week.

So in spending the day outside of my apartment, I am:

  1. Going to the gym so I can use the showers. I am also of course working out, but I am much more of a afternoon to evening workout gir. Let me tell you, I love love love the fact that I have to cart my clothes & toiletries around all day. Not to mention I will be wearing this hat all day long because I have no desire to carry around my hairdryer as well.
  2. Going into the store to whine to friends about my delima. Just where I wanted to spend my day off – back at work. But I figure if I’m going to be hanging out in coffee shops all day I may as well get a discount.
  3. Coming here to the library to use the computer for an hour. Whine on blog about life.
  4. Going see Pride & Prejudice, even if it doesn’t have Colin Firth in a wet shirt & the BBC version will be superior.
  5. Hanging out in my LYS to exchange excess Foliage & making myself feel better by choosing some yarn just for me. Perhaps for some fingerless glove/armwarmers, I’m so tired of having cold hands.
  6. Hanging out in coffee shops to knit & listen to Something Rotten to pass the time.

Hopefully that will fill my day up enough so I can go home & at least do the laundry that has piled up.

Okay, knitting. Started Fuzzy Feet slippers for sister – using Brown Sheep Worsted in black & dark teal. I think she’ll like it. I need to finish them both by next week so I can felt them at my moms. I also found a pattern I really want to work on in the Loop-d-Loop book. I can’t find a pictuer of it but it’s the Slip-Stitch Intarsia Kilt. I’m in love. It looks like it will be quite a challenge for me but I love the way it looks. Not that I need another project of course [sigh].

All right, about outta here.

But first what I should be studying (from And She Knits Too!)

You Should Get a PhD in Liberal Arts (like political science, literature, or philosophy)
You’re a great thinker and a true philosopher.You’d make a talented professor or writer.

This seems to be a popular answer in the knitting blog world. What does that say about us?