…which I have a feeling I’ve used in a post title & actually I’m not ususally thrilled when it rains. But raining it is, not only that, it has been pouring since last night. Not too ususual for Portland but it’s particularly heavy. Streets turned to rivers! Intersections turned to lakes! Okay, not really. There are some particularly deep puddles on the roads which means I get to enjoy being splashed by cars on my walk here. The joys of the Northwest they don’t put in the tourist guides.

So! I actually finished a few projects! I called off yesterday due to some pretty nasty cramps & little energy for dealing with the few assholes I work with. I watched my new obsession Veronica Mars (apparently my only tv obsessions must be covered by TWOP) & worked on knitting. Finished nephew g’s stripy hat but I can’t figure out how to sew it up. I’m not a complete idiot but the instructions are unclear. I’m going to work on it later & then maybe I’ll post the instructions here in hopes that the few people who read this might have some sort of idea what they mean. Then I finished the neices pink headband (though I might add flowers or a butterfly (both in Stitch n’ Bitch Nation), it seems a little plain. I also finished her Fuzzy Feet Reduex (though I haven’t felted them yet – please, I live in an apt without a washer. I’ll wait until I visit mom). I’m pretty proud of myself. Maybe I’ll even start something new…

NO! I cannot start anymore projects.

But at least I can finally post photos again!

My OSW, of course. Well as much as you can see of it. I can’t really get a decent picture of it without bending my arms in some kind of insane yoga move (“sometimes my arms bend back”). If you can’t tell, the sleeves & color are a grey/purply colour & the rest is brick. I love it, I wear it all the time around the apt since I usually run around in a tank top when I’m bumming at home & it provides the right amount of warmth without the bulk. I want to make more. But there’s several other Steph designs I can’t wait to make. Not to mention I need to finish the million other projects I have going!

GBF got the package! Very relieved, I was a bit worried about it. (heh, okay I was obsessed, txting GBF every other day DID YOU GET IT?) He seemed to enjoy the item, I mean who wouldn’t want a cashmerino scarf? And hey, who else would be sick enough to find a baby launching toy funny? (I mean other that myself) This thing is so weird, it claims to be for baby showers but I cannot imagine mothers to be sitting around launching these plastic babies around the party. I need to find a web picture of it but I don’t have time today.