So I had some lovely new photos to post but somehow the friendship between my phone & blogger seems to be over. The photos have a HUGE background and a teeny tiny picture up in the corner. It wasn’t worth putting it on here because it would look so awful & I finally got the ol’ blog to behave itself. Someday soon I will have a real computer (again, there is a drunk guy breathing on the computer next to me, the joys of the public library. At least it’s at night, rather than 11 am as last time.) and maybe even a real digital camera were I can make this all purty. Or at least a bit more interesting. Not that I can complain too much about my phone since I can at least use the web at home for some things.

Found out today that the Lion Brand Cashmere blend is actually MORE expensive than the Debbie Bliss for less yardage. Very interesting. At least on the website it is. So I’ll just stick with Debbie for my cashmere blend heaven.

Speaking of, GBF has not called about his package, which scares me a bit. I mailed it on Friday & it should have been there yesterday. But since it was Halloween, he might not have got it until today. Gawd, I hope it didn’t get lost since I worked my ass off on his scarf & spent more than I should have on them. Not to mention the other fun things I had put in his package. I will cry such huge tears if it’s gone. I did insure it though so there’s that I guess. Sigh.

I’ve been in the midst of an Austen film festival, mostly because I haven’t been in the mood for anything else & I’ve been wanting to knit. I do want to reread my Austen books, but it’s not like I don’t have enough to do. (see list of books & knitting project presents.) I still think Persausion is my favourite, but I flip between that & Pride & Prejudice (the mini series), both with the book & the films.

Gawd what boring post. I’m going to blame it on my cramps & my annoying picture problem.