Yes, this was an actual “compliment” paid by some methhead in Petersons. What does that even mean? Sigh. I can never find an interesting guy to talk to me in stores, but I do find the meth heads.

I did spend a lot of time talking to Lovely Shaved Head Guy today. Oh yes, I may not talk about him much on here but he is still around. Still lovely. Oh my. It’s so nice to have someone to flirt with, it makes the day seem so much better.

So ADD is not only affecting my knitting, but my reading as well. I still haven’t finished Pickwick Papers but I received a review copy of the new Amy Tan book so I started that. (and I’m really enjoying it) Then Saturday by Ian McEwan came in here at the library. Then the new Al Franklin book came out. And now Micheal Cunningham’s Specimen Days is on it’s way to the library. Oh what to do! I need to read McEwan & Cunningham’s books before they are due to the library but I’m so involved in the Amy Tan book that I can’t stop. And I know all of these books need to hold my complete attention (well, maybe not the Franklin book)

The only knitting thing to add is that last night I spent an hour knitting my nephew’s 2nd mitten & then realized I was using the wrong needle size. This was after screwing up the first row (it was supose to be rib but I did knit stitches) not once but twice. So I had to frog it. Not a good night. Plus I’m so disappointed in The Amazing Race – not so amazing this time around. Hate the family edition. Where is my beautiful show?

And speaking of TV, why the hell is no new episode of Lost for 3 weeks? Don’t these people know that I only watch like 4 shows & this is one of them? And why the hell am I not getting my Veronica Mars dvds like I was supose to? Wow, I do have a vent going on today. And I haven’t even mentioned the delivery guy I thought I got fired was back and tried to short me $300 worth of food. He would have if I hadn’t said “Hello, you owe me all this shit.”

Okay, maybe I’ll calm down soon.