So tonight I frogged the PC I had started, the one I realized I would not have enough yarn for. I decided to do the Berroco shrug I got the pattern for yesterday & I’m very excited about it.I’m making it out of this black Patons Fresco I bought a million of because it was only $2.50. Of course the PC takes a million & one. It’s a nice & silky yarn – I made a shell for my mom for Christmas last year. I hope it turns out better than my other items I’ve made! The only thing I really like (other than scarves & hats) is this sleeveless top I made with Berroco SoftTwist Bulky in this gorgous maroon. I even had to spo more because I, yet again, did not buy enough. I used the Stitch ‘n Bitch Little Black Top as a guide.I’m wearing it in that photo up by my name, not that you can tell.
I discovered that I need to make-a bag to hold my cd player at the gym.(I actually went today!) Too much to do! Plus I’m really into the new Jennifer Weiner & want just to read.Can’t read & knit @ the same time.