Why on earth do I smoke so damn much? Must stop. But now I want another one. D & I talked about quitting together. But she has money and I don’t. Coming up with $50 to buy a patch all at one or $4 for a pack a cigs. It should make a difference but it does. Plus I’m worried it won’t work and I’ll be out $50. Must do some research and get some freebees.

Going to Pilates with K today – should be fun. She’s close to the same body size as I am so I won’t feel like a huge lumbering dork. Well not more than I usually do. I need to get back into working out more. I’m so tired of being tired all the damn time. Plus out of shape.

Read the greatest book yesterday while getting over my hangover from the night before. Stephen Fry’s Making History. Wonderfull stuff. Now I’m on a big Stephen Fry kick – I watched Gosford Park again and put all of hhis books on hold at the library. I’m worried that they won’t be as good (probably not) but I have to read them.

Supose to go out with NPB today, but haven’t called him yet. Got an email from him yesterday and now I worry we’re not going to have anything in common. Must reread his profile.

Okay off to take shower now.