Finally heard from NPB – we’re supose to go out on Monday. I’m not that excited really, I’m sure he’s great and blah blah blah but maybe I’m just not ready to date again. I want to, but when it comes down to it, I’m not excited about it. Oh well

Had a fun night of poker playing at RBB with the usual crew. Getting more & more annoyed at MM – the whole lets fight over G is ridiculous. She’s loud and obnoxious when she drinks and takes over the entire conversation. And I’m tired of taking care of her – I left with the boys so I wouldn’t be stuck taking her home or having her sleep here. I get along with her usually but lately (and talking with D she agrees) she’s becoming more & more obnoxious – to the point where I can’t have a conversation with anyone without her trying to take it over with her spin – I’m left nodding in the background.

And think G was getting irritated too. And the rest of the poker people.

I did pretty well I will say. G called me Dragon Lady. I do have a good poker face – though I will not bet much even with a great hand. Would not do good with “real” money – we played with pennies – but it was great fun.

TKB is going well…I sent of my business ap this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to use the name. Must work on the damn things. We won’t be able to get a booth at the market though. I hope it works.

Am broke again but determine to have a good time tonight at the show with C.