Damnit, stupid computer ate my post. I don’t know what’s up with the computer – aol is freezing and the fucking shift button decided to suddenly stop working.

but I am liking having this for a journal.

Worked on plans for TKB today – going to register with business name as soon as I get the forms from mom. Now I just have to make the damn things. Made a lovely business card though – I know what’s important. Also worked on resume for stupid manager position. Don’t know if I really want it, but I guess I should apply. Of course if I don’t get it now I’m going to be devestated & even more bitter than I normally am.

Haven’t heard from NPB in a couple of days. Slightly nervous. Made mention of the Hilary event at work so it’s quite obvious where I work. Hopefully he didn’t come by, saw me, & ran away screaming. Ugh

Must really stop eating everything in sight. I was supose to do Pilates with K today but the bitch stood me up. Probably hung over. Should have worked out anyway but did laundry & scrubbed disgusting bathtub instead. Such an exciting life I lead.

Recieved Where Was Rebecca Shot? today in the mail – yah! Love these books. I hope he puts more out. Suddenly concerned he was dead. Attempted to find more information on him to no success. Hopefully not dead.