Arrr! I’m a pirate! My name is Dirty Grace Bonney! I’m not sure it fits, but it’s a fun quiz. I’m clean I swear!

Anyway, I loved Pirates! Johnny Depp is still so my boyfriend. Going on 17 years now. Le sigh

Went out with C for the first time in forever, just the two of us. Planning our trip to Seattle over Labor day. I honestly just want to see REM & N, of course, but E is coming too. And they all spend money like water. I’m trying to be good but I spent way too much tonight. Why am I always the one spending more and make less then the rest of these peeps.

Job interview this week. Must work on resume. Also want to work on The Westing Game screenplay but there’s already a damn movie of it. Probably still will write it for practice.